Flag of Slitronia

The national flag of Slitronia is a tricolour flag featuring three horizontal bands, which are from top to down red, black, and green, with the red and green bands having two attached triangles, that meet in the middle in a ratio of 3:5. Funnily the colours have no meaning and are like this just because Johannes I randomly chose the colours.

The state version of the flag is almost the same, just with the Lion from the Coat of arms added in the middle.

Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms of Slitronia is similar to the flag: it is formed of three sections of red, black and green and it has a lion on it. If one looks closely, they can see, that the edges of the sections don't go straight, but they change behind the Lion.

The blazon of the coat of arms is: tierced in bend sinister bevilled gules sable and vert a lion or


The motto for Slitronia is "Sapientia, Amicitia, Unity", which is Latin for "Wisdom, friendship, unity". The Motto like most other symbols has no real meaning, as it was chosen just so that there would be a motto for the nation.